Dean’s: Student Residence in Budapest


Finding a student residence while studying abroad can be tiresome, difficult, and stressful. It doesn’t have to be, though! At Dean’s College Hotel, you’ll have all the amenities you need, together with a fun, supportive community atmosphere.

Read on to learn more about how Dean’s can help make your time in Budapest a more comfortable, enjoyable, and just plain better experience.

Say no to cramped dormitories, and yes to Dean’s

What sets Dean’s apart

At Dean’s College Hotel, you’re getting more than just an ordinary uni residence—you’re getting a better way to live.

Unlike standard dorms, or other student residences in Budapest, Dean’s features services and accommodations designed to make your life easier, and better. Whether you’re looking for a single student residence, or a shared living space, you’ll find what you’re looking for with Dean’s College Hotel.

While at a regular dormitory, you can expect cramped rooms, sweltering summers, freezing winters, and an overall lack of privacy, Dean’s is different. As a college hotel, Dean’s is designed to provide a great experience, with top-notch amenities. After all, when you’re comfortable, you study better.

Accommodations at Dean’s

  • in room bathroom with walk in shower
  • fully equipped kitchenette
  • airconditioned rooms
  • luggage room
  • free high speed wifi
  • rooftop
  • free gym in the building
  • guest laundry (for fee)
  • working desk with office chair
  • room safe
  • soundproof windows
  • microwave & grill
  • meeting rooms
  • security service
  • free bicycle storage
  • continental breakfast (for fee)

An international student residence, just steps away from great universities

In addition to amazing amenities, there’s yet another thing that Dean’s student residence has going: a great location.

Situated near the heart of Pest, the livelier half of Hungary’s capital, Dean’s College Hotel is also right next to major tram and metro lines. This means that, no matter where you’re headed, your trip will be a smooth one if you’re starting from Dean’s.

Just as importantly, though, Dean’s student residence is also very close to many of the universities you might very well be studying in.

The closest, by far, is Semmelweis University, a medical school whose main campus is quite literally steps away from Dean’s front door. Semmelweis, one of the most highly-regarded medical schools in the region, offers an array of degree programs in English, meaning that there’s plenty to choose from. In other words, while it may be a medical school, you don’t have to be a future doctor to find your place here. From nursing to dietetics, and from physiotherapy to health tourism management, Semmelweis’ wide variety of degree offerings are a great choice for anyone interested in studying abroad in Hungary.

Corvinus University’s main campus is also conveniently nearby. At Corvinus, whose campus straddles the banks of the Danube, you have a variety of English-language degree programs to choose from. In particular, if you have an interest in business or finance, then Corvinus University is a great place for you to continue your studies. In addition to a variety of business degrees, Corvinus also offers degrees in fields such as sociology, international relations, and communication, to name just a few.

University Residence in a World City

While staying at Dean’s, you won’t just be going to school in any old town. No, you’ll be in Budapest: a world city in its own right, and one of Europe’s most interesting, exciting capitals. That means, that, in addition to studying, you’ll have the opportunity to explore a fascinating city, and enjoy brand-new experiences with new friends from around the world.

A great city for study

In addition to great schools, the Hungarian capital is home to some beautiful libraries. While they are certainly great places to study, many of them are so much more. In fact, a few of these landmark pieces of architecture are more like artworks in their own right.

A great city for exploration

From museums to great hikes, and from mouth-watering restaurants to luxurious public baths, Budapest has so much to offer. Head up to Gellért Hill for breathtaking views of the city. Spend the afternoon in the Fine Arts Museum admiring masterpieces, or out on Margaret Island for a picnic. When you’re studying so much, you’ll need a break. In Budapest, and at Dean’s student residence, great breaks will be easy to find.

A great city for fun

And, of course, Budapest is famous as one of the wildest party towns in Europe. Check out the unique sociological phenomena that is the late-night “spa-party.” Check out great music at venues like A38, a concert hall located inside a boat floating on the Danube. Have some craft beers at one of the city’s famous, eclectic ruin pubs. No matter what you choose, you’re in for a good time.

Dean’s: University Residence in a Unique, College Hotel Setting

As it’s name suggests, Dean’s is more than a standard student residence: it’s a college hotel. That means that, in addition to fellow students from around the world, Dean’s also plays host to shorter-term guests, who stay in the “hotel” half of our residence.

Guests at Dean’s choose us because they want something different. They want to see a different, more interesting side of Budapest, a side that most tourists don’t get to see. Whether they’re on a business trip, traveling through Europe, or visiting family, they’re travelers, not tourists. Get to know them, and you’re sure to forge new friendships, and new experiences, that you’ll never forget.

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