Frequently asked questions

A few easy steps required to get your new apartment at Dean's College Hotel:

  1. Check prices and room types at our website
  2. Fill in the pre-application form available at our website in order to receive an offer.
    Filling in the form doesn't result in any contractual obligation or formal reservation, just a tool to get in touch.
  3. We’ll contact you ASAP with information about availability and prices and guide you through contracting.

Keep your hopes up and put yourself on the wait list. As soon as one becomes available, we will inform you via email or post right away.

We totally understand that everyone has particular needs. That’s why we’ve created different apartment ‘types’ that you can select during the booking process, according to your needs.

On a first come first served basis it is possible. If you book late, then your room might be sold already.

When you book an apartment, the one-time fee covers the administrative work that is entailed. This is also known as good old paper work. This is deductable from your first month rent.

Once you are ready to leave the apartment, the fee covers the cost of cleaning so that we can hand over the apartment to the next Guest in tip-top shape. That way, they can move into an apartment that is fresh, clean, sparkly and wonderful, just as you did.

In the case of any damages or outstanding payments, the deposit acts as a security guarantee.

We can store your items for the following prices:

September 1st - May 31st: 5€ / 0,1 m³ / every 30 days

June 1st - August 31st: FREE max 0,5 m³ // additionally, 5€ / 0,1 m³ / every 30 days

Extra services:

We can pack your things for you: 80 EUR

Boxes 40*60*40 up to 15kg: 2,5 EUR

Boxes 40*60*40 up to 30kg: 3 EUR

Certainly, we can do it based on the following rates:

(We are partner with DHL Express)

We can pack your things for you: 80 EUR

Boxes 40*60*40 up to 15kg: 2,5 EUR

Boxes 40*60*40 up to 30kg: 3 EUR

Hungary up to 5kg:

to Budapest 8 EUR

to any other location in Hungary 10 EUR




Zone  1

Zone  2

Zone  3

Zone  4

Zone  5

Zone  6

Zone  7

Zone  8

Zone  9

max  5 kg

€ 64

€ 74

€ 79

€ 86

€ 100

€ 106

€ 129

€ 137

€ 160

max 10 kg

€ 98

€ 114

€ 126

€ 137

€ 148

€ 153

€ 203

€ 216

€ 253

max 15 kg

€ 123

€ 143

€ 166

€ 175

€ 197

€ 202

€ 264

€ 281

€ 329


 Zone 1-5-: Europe (depending on the distance from us)

 Zone 6: USA

 Zone 7:  Far East

Zone 8: Australia and New Zealand

Zone 9: other countries

* DHL might have other service fees, what these prices don't includes


When your contract with us has come to an end and you hand over your apartment, simply fill out the security deposit return form, which we are happy to help with, in order to ensure the process is fast and uncomplicated. Within 45 days, you will receive your security deposit minus any outstanding fees or fees for damages.

Unfortunately not, convenient as that would be. We prefer to have someone on location upon arrival so that we can personally greet you and show/ tell you everything there is to know. However, if you know someone, it is possible to organise an appointment in which they can pick up the key for you so that you can move in more flexibly.

During the main move in dates we will have extended opening hours for our reception desk.

No worries, just come by the office or let your Resident Manager know via e-mail at

You can conveniently pay within the first few days of every month by:

  • At the reception by:
    • Credit or Debit card (VISA, V PAY, Mastercard, Maestro, Diners Club, Discover, UnionPay, JCB)
    • Euros cash
  • Bank transfer to our Euro account
  • Request an online payment link that we can send you every month. (Visa, Master Card and Maestro, Apple Pay (only from mobile device), Diners Club, Discover)

Please contact us immediately per email or come to the reception

No bicycle is allowed in the rooms, but we have bicycle racks on property grounds. Please register your bicycle with the reception team and they will give you a sticker to put on the bicycle, so we know it is yours.

Yes, you can bring your computer, laptop, TV, stereo or rice cooker, water cooker. The room already includes a fridge, cooking stove, microwave with grill. Any other item will need the approval of the resident manager.

No open fire items, gas burners are allowed.

No external Wifi hotspots are allowed. If you need a router, please request one from the reception.

All rooms have AC from 2020 fall.

No pets are allowed in the rooms or in the building

As your contract is a fixed term contract you are not able to CXL it after you have accepted your contract terms by paying the deposit and the rental fee. 10 days before the start of your contract you will only lose your deposit, first month rent and end cleaning fee. Any time after, your full term of your contract needs to be paid.

Generally, we have tailored the apartment to you, or more specifically, one individual. If you would like to share your bed occasionally, just inform your Resident Manager via Email. However, in the case of guests who regularly stay overnight, this is unfortunately not allowed.


Nobody is allowed in your room between 8PM and 10AM who is not registered at the reception. People can stay longer at the common areas and rooftop. No outsiders can be at these locations between midnight and 8AM.

No issue if you bring people over but nobody is allowed in your room after 8PM till 10AM who is not registered at the reception. People can stay longer at the common areas on the rooftop. No outsiders can be at these locations between midnight and 8AM.

Yes, due to fire life safety regulations after 8PM we can conduct checks if all persons in the rooms are registered. As the operator we are responsible for all people’s safety in the building.

No, your key is meant for you and should not be used by anybody else but you.

Our concept: all-in service fee, that includes following services:

  • Fully equipped apartment / room
  • An own / shared kitchen
  • An own / shared bathroom
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Internet
  • Cable TV connection
  • Hot and cold water, sewerage
  • Lighting
  • Electricity
  • Heating
  • Individual ventilation in each room
  • A safe in the room
  • Hairdryer at the reception
  • Luggage room
  • Use of gym
  • 24-hour security service
  • Possibility to use a phone at the reception
  • Pool, table soccer
  • Use of study rooms
  • Use of Roof terrace with kitchen
  • Use of Party room with kitchen
  • Resident manager in the house
  • Monthly cleaning
  • Hoover and mop at the reception

Yes, we have the following cleaning options available:

Daily: + 290 EUR/ month

Twice a week: + 110 EUR/ month

Weekly: + 60 EUR/ month


  • Crazy Dean orders are delivered directly to your room.
  • Tesco, Auchan, Groby, Kifli grocery order delivery to the rooms
  • Netpincér Go and Wolt, Bolt Food, food delivery to the rooms
  • Online ordered packages/ letters delivered to the rooms
  • Twice per week garbage removal in protective equipment.


Not Free:

  • Shopping in Spar or Penny Market for you. Please send us your list per WhatsApp or e-mail (7,5€ /shopping)
  • Washing and drying your clothes, just leave it in front of your door and let us know (5€ / washing + drying)
  • quarantine pack: 6 bottle of water, 5 disposable face masks, 1 hand sanitizer, 1 liquid anti-bacterial soap, 8 rolls of toilet paper, 1 bag of tissues, 2 bags instant noodles, 1 gum, 1 bar of chocolate, 2 pack dried fruit (20€)


Reception opening hours:
Monday – Sunday:
00:00 – 24:00
0-24 Security service