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Frequently asked questions

A few easy steps required to get your new apartment at Dean's College Hotel:

  1. Check prices and room types at our website www.deanscollegehotel.com/#rooms
  2. Fill in the pre-application form available at our website in order to receive an offer.
    Filling in the form doesn't result in any contractual obligation or formal reservation, just a tool to get in touch.
  3. We’ll contact you ASAP with information about availability and prices and guide you through contracting.

Keep your hopes up and put yourself on the wait list. As soon as one becomes available, we will inform you via email or post right away.

We totally understand that everyone has particular needs. That’s why we’ve created different apartment ‘types’ that you can select during the booking process, according to your needs.

On a first come first served basis it is possible. If you book late, then your room might be sold already.

When you book an apartment, the one-time fee covers the administrative work that is entailed. This is also known as good old paper work. This is deductable from your first month rent.

Once you are ready to leave the apartment, the fee covers the cost of cleaning so that we can hand over the apartment to the next Guest in tip-top shape. That way, they can move into an apartment that is fresh, clean, sparkly and wonderful, just as you did.

In the case of any damages or outstanding payments, the deposit acts as a security guarantee.

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